5 thoughts on “Applying for Disability

  1. chariots

    Is the process for getting disability pretty complicated? How long does it last?

  2. Kindy

    It was a lot of jumping through hoops. It took several months if I remember right and they back-paid me for those months. I didn’t get turned down the first time. My friend is bipolar and has been turned down a bunch.

  3. JigsawAnalogy-ellis

    did you have a lawyer, or did you apply by yourself? what kind of hoops did you need to jump through?

    obviously, you don’t need to answer any of these questions! it’s just that i’m starting to consider applying, and it would help to have some idea of what the process is like.

  4. Kindy

    I did not have a lawyer. I guess I would have gotten one had they turned me down. The hoops part — A lot of paperwork and history and stuff. And they lost my records…or someone did…and I had to redo it. I could never get the SSD lady to call me back and she was never there when I called. I started having to leave stern messages and finally ended up calling someone else who got the ball rolling. Once I got it, I have to kind of “reapply” every couple of years. They send me back to their doctor and I have to re-prove I still need it. I get 100% and can make up to $800 a month still. I work from home typing court transcripts and am in college. I don’t want to be on it forever.

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