5 thoughts on “Identity Issues

  1. Kindy

    This is tough for us right now as I am still in the losing-time stage. Not as much, but often. Katie loses the most time, I lose a little and everyone else loses as they go — not sure I can explain that part.

  2. chariots

    Hi Kindy – see your blog – I left a note for you there. We shouldn’t leave any personal info here.

  3. chariots

    I used to be really afraid of this – feeling like when I was shifted off (or in the back seat of the car – some other part was out in front ‘driving’ and I’m just watching from the back seat), that maybe I would never come back. Like my reality seems SO FAR away sometimes, when someone else is out front. And if it went on for several days – others being out more than me – I started to feel like I might not come back. And like I didn’t even care if I could get ‘back’ anymore.

    And ya – a sense that I was losing myself, or didn’t know who I was anymore. I thought I was a certain way and liked certain things, etc. But when others are out a lot – maybe THAT is more me?? I don’t know! Who am I??! Ya – it feels really tenuous. Shaky. My identity.

    Now – I’m not so afraid that I won’t come back. It’s happened enough times now, that I feel like I mostly know (ha) that I’ll still come back at some point. Maybe I am changing though too. I don’t know. Ok – so it still scares me a little at least. I can feel like I’m SO far away from ‘me’ – when I’m aware enough to see what’s going on anyway.

    Ya – identity – uh…… who the heck am I? !!

    My captcha is “random parties”

    hahahahahaha! …. we need emoticons on this blog

  4. JigsawAnalogy-ellis


    i think *some* emoticons work (or at least they do on my wordpress blogs). so i’m posting to test out. too tired today to really think of anything to actually say on this topic.

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