Talk about your relationships and DID – including friends, family, significant others, co-workers, etc.  Talk about any relationship issues you are dealing with.

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  1. jigsaw analogy--ellis

    i actually think this isn’t so much about me being multiple as about me being just me, but it’s been a big problem for me. the problem is that i’m really absolutely no good at being a “squeaky wheel.” so it’s like, i’ll be falling apart, and people just don’t notice. or even when i’m not doing badly, it’s the kind of thing where people forget my birthday, or just don’t think to call, or friends basically know that even if they don’t talk to me for months or years, i’ll still be their friend.

    no one does it to be mean or to make me feel bad, it’s just like they don’t think to think of me. it’s like that disappearing from peoples’ consciousness that i did when i was a kid, because it was safer just not to get noticed, carried over to adult life. i just kind of expect that people won’t think about me if i’m not right in front of them.

    it’s not like i disappear, i just assume people won’t remember i exist.

    i really need to learn how to be a squeaky wheel, how to let people know that it actually hurts my feelings when they don’t call or pay attention to me. it’s just that the idea of doing that is terrifying to me.

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