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  1. jigsaw analogy--ellis

    heh. memory is pretty darned complicated.

    for day to day things, my memory is pretty good. years ago i trained myself to remember things like appointments or homework or where i put things. but then, i did that because of things like somehow having forgotten that there even *was* a term paper in a class, let alone that it was due the next day.

    but for memories of the past… for me, i used to say it was state-dependent, but i now realize it was dependent on which part was out. parts remember the things that happened when they were the main one out fairly clearly, but are much vaguer about things that happened to another part.

    actually, it’s not just about the past. i know that if i switch, unless whoever was out specifically put the memory of what they were doing into a common file, then the next person out will have just the vaguest memory of what happened.

    and it’s hard to remember to put mundane things into a common file.

    i’ve also noticed in therapy that even if more than one part is out, if the part who is talking about something doesn’t want someone else to know about it, it’s like the memories get erased even as they happen. i’ve noticed it happening most when my therapist is telling me something another part was talking about, like a memory they had described, and as she is talking, i realize that the memories just are not sticking. it’s a little disorienting.

  2. chariots

    Memory – ya. Just had a small thing on Facebook where someone said something about how I was or did something a while ago, and I had no memory of it at all. It was small – but she remembered it WELL, and I had no memory.

    In fact – Facebook seems to be a memory nightmare. All these people from my past… who I can’t remember….

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