Talk about anything related to work and MPD/DID.  Are you able to work?  How do you feel about work, whether you can or can’t do it?

3 thoughts on “Work

  1. chariots

    I have found work to be a nice vacation from myself! …though too much work makes for a sad me. I’m thankful I can now handle more work/responsibility than I used to. And when I couldn’t work much because I was shifting so much – I was very thankful to have the time to shift and be the mess I needed to be.

  2. Jigsaw Analogy--ellis

    i’m ambivalent about work. the parts of my system who had jobs haven’t been all that active in the past couple of years. i think a big part of that is that they’re depressed over the fact that it’s not realistic to try to work right now. and they’ve been disappointed that one side effect of being more in touch with my/our selves is that the physical stuff from fibro is a whole lot harder to ignore. i can remember managing to work a lot of days when it hurt to even sit up, and now if it hurts that much, i’m less able to force myself to keep functioning.

    but i feel guilty and ashamed for not working, because so little of what is going on with me is visible. you can’t look at me and see that there’s a physical or emotional disability. i look normal, healthy, whatever. and i was raised to think i should just keep going on, so this whole “stop when you’re tired” or “stop when you’re panicking” thing makes me feel like i’m just not trying hard enough.

    plus, the money would be nice. not that it would really mean a *lot* more money, but we’d get some more money if i could work.

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