Experts vs Experience

In finding therapists or help, what are you thoughts on people who claim to be experts – and even have the credentials saying they are experts, vs. those who have direct experience working with DID?  Obviously people could be both – but feel free to talk about anything related to “experts” of DID.

One thought on “Experts vs Experience

  1. hope

    An expert in any profession must have both required credentials and a depth of experiece that others in the field do not have. If both of these qualificatons are present a client must then use his/her heart as a guide. Without a sense of loving-connection no “expert” will be helpful and could possibly cause great harm. Unfortunately, I do not know how this last criteria can be met without investing lots of money and time, both of which can be very scarce for a lot of people.

    I waited for decades before seeking help because I knew inately that the person I talked to had to fill all of the above criteria. Then, when circumstances forced me to seek help I went to a relion-sponsored agency figuring that someone there would perhaps meet the criteria, especially the “loving-connection” one. I got lucky!

    If a choice has to be made between a credentialed therapist with less experience but with gifted interpersonal skills and someone with vast experience but only ordinary interpersonal skills, then I would definitly choose the person with less experience.

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