November 2008 Business

1) DID Documentary Project by Dr. Kaplan
Dr. Peter Kaplan is working on creating a DID Documentary. He is not affiliated with NL, but contacted our group to see if any DID individuals would be interested in contributing to his work. Please contact him if you are interested in contributing. See his letter and contact info below:

My name is Peter Kaplan and I am a psychologist and documentary filmmaker. I am planning to make a film on D.I.D., and would like to see if your organization can help.

Media portrayals of D.I.D. have for too long been sensationalistic, wildly inaccurate, and exploitive. I would like to contribute to changing that by making a sensitive, thoughtful and informative film that communicates to the public the realities of the condition.

Would people from your organization be available to speak over the phone with me sometime in the near future?

Thank you,

Dr. Peter Kaplan
845-255-1440 office

2) Advertising NL
NL no longer seems to have an ad in Many Voices, so “JA” agreed to send them our information again.

We also discussed figuring out ways of getting information out about NL, since if 1% of the population has DID (these numbers are seen consistently), then there are 80,000 people in NYC alone who would be eligible to come, and it seems unlikely that they just aren’t interested in NL. We agreed that just putting out information about the website is ok; we didn’t discuss doing anything further, other than individuals making a concerted effort to put our name in as many places as we can – especially online (forums and such).

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