Blog Guidelines

This blog is for people with DID/MPD – Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder. Topics posted here are from New Landscape’s actual monthly meetings. We thought we could continue talking about the topics in between meetings, and that others who can’t attend meetings can join in this way. Please share your thoughts! FYI: You can submit an entry completely anonymously. You don’t have to write a name or anything else in the blanks unless you want to.


1) Speak from the “I/we”perspective. This means speak from your own experience. Example: “I feel…” “we did…” In other words, speak about yourself/yourselves. Especially be aware of this when responding to others. Avoid giving advice to others.

2) Be careful not to share personal/private information such as: Your real name, phone numbers, address, email, names of those you know and care about (significant other, friends, therapist, etc), meeting places. Recognize that anyone can read this, so protect yourself and others you know.