Unfortunately, we have no supporters group right now. We would need someone to step up and start it! If you’re interested – contact us using the form below.

This group would be for a support person to someone with DID/MPD or another dissociative disorder – this includes; partners, friends, relatives, therapists – anyone who has a dissociative person in their life that they care about.

The main purpose is for peers to come together and support each other. You would be welcome to come to a meeting if it begins to exist again, even if the person you support does not attend the New Landscape DID meeting. The supporter’s group is a place where you can come to discuss your thoughts, feelings, concerns, obstacles or challenges and your hopes regarding your relationship with a person or people in your life healing from dissociation. You can also learn from others who are experiencing similar challenges, and gain knowledge for personal growth and relationship growth.

If you’re interested in being in or starting a supporters group, please submit the form below: