Q: Do you have to be integrated to come to New Landscape meetings?
A: No. In fact, most people who come to the group still have a dissociative system and are not integrated.

Q: What if you don’t have integration as a goal?
A: Everyone’s goal is different. Some people don’t even have a goal. New Landscape does not care what your goal is, or whether you even have one.

Q: Do you have to be in therapy?
A: No – as long as you understand your system and are able to cope with your ups and downs, and as long as you are able to comply with the group’s guidelines.

Q: Can my therapist or a friend/support person come with me to a meeting?
A: No. But anyone who is working through their own dissociative disorder is welcome to attend. This includes therapists who are healing from a dissociative disorder.

Q: How do you join?
A: Contact us to find out exactly when and where the meetings are. Once you’ve done this, you’re welcome to attend any meeting. You don’t have to sign up ahead of time.

Q: Is there a charge?
A: No. But you can make a donation if you wish (not tax deductible). The following is read at the very end of each meeting. “We have no dues or fees, but we do have expenses. Please give what you can. And if you can’t give, please keep coming back. We need you more than we need your money.” At that point we accept any donations from those present.

**Further information on donations: Donations help cover our expenses, which consist mainly of Zoom fees ($15/mo) and this website ($100/yr). Aside from donating at meetings, you may also contact us with regard to donations. Again however, please don’t be deterred from attending meetings if you feel you can’t donate. We really do want you, more than we want your money.

Q: What are some of the topics discussed at past meetings?
A: See Meeting Topics for all past meeting topics. There are also several topics below.
– Allocating time
– Therapists – Feeling your therapist is off-track. Feeling your therapist is your only real connection to the world. Other therapist issues.
– Feeling cut off from your insides as you get better.
– Functioning – may get worse as you get better
– Feelings – Feeling more emotion in parts that previously had no feeling. Feeling too strongly. Not feeling at all.
– Experience of an integration of a part. Knowledge and feeling resulting from integration.
– Finding ways of listening to your parts. Ignoring your parts. Listening to inside. Staying in touch with yourself.
– Doing things socially with non-DID people. Being able to be yourself when you’re with outsiders who aren’t multiple.
– Self injury
– Anger

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