1 thought on “Bridging 2 Worlds

  1. jigsaw analogy--ellis

    i don’t think they can be completely connected, since one’s internal world is definitely something separate.

    one thing i’ve done that might be about connecting the internal and external worlds is to have things in my external life that make different parts feel more comfortable. so the colors i chose for the apartment, or having toys or other things the parts like out where they can see them, stuff like that.

    i guess for me, i’m less interested in having the worlds connect as in having parts comfortable in both places. so we’ve made efforts to build internal spaces even for parts who spend most of their conscious time focused externally. and we’ve made efforts to make the external world comfortable for parts who spend most of their time focused internally.

    there’s maybe a kind of integration in the way we do it, since it’s not like i have a separate room in the external world, and that’s the only place they’re allowed out. really, presuming appropriate behavior, any part can come out pretty much anywhere.

    i’ve read books that suggest having a particular spot inside your house, where parts are encouraged to come out, and to make their own. that might help; it’s not the choice that works for me, but then, my parts were coming out all the time and mixed into my outside life long before i knew they existed, so it didn’t make sense to separate them once i knew what was going on.

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