Being in the Present

Topic: Forgetting the good stuff in the present. Maybe you’re so burdened by the past, that you can’t see the present – which is actually not too bad. Talk about this topic.

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  1. Jigsaw Analogy--various

    In the Ramona books one time the teacher tells her to sit in a seat for the present, but she tells the other kids things like “you can sit here.” So Ramona sits and is very good for her present except she did not understand what the teacher meant!!

    I’ve been doing better about living in the present, and paying more attention to what’s around me. It can be both good and bad, since sometimes, i realize that i have ignored stuff that i should have done something about. i feel bad for that, but i can only change the future, not the past. so i’m working on acting on that stuff now, rather than getting wound up in guilt about how long it took me to see it.

    but at the same time, it’s like all of a sudden, i’ve got this sense of balance or perspective or something. so even when things aren’t going well, perfectly, whatever… i feel like i’ve got the power to change things instead of being in pain or giving up. and that feels good, even when something is hard.

    also, i want to thank whoever in the group suggested that my little who thought she had to stay in pain to protect her past self from the full impact of it that she could maybe tie the rope that connected to her past self to something. she tried that idea, and i think that’s part of how we as a whole were able to move forward and let go of the past without abandoning our past selves to greater pain.

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