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August 2012

Comment on any topic!

  1. Food
  2. Coming out of the closet with DID
  3. Anger
  4. When someone else tries to manipulate your system by pitting alters against each other
  5. When your parts get insulted
  6. Life seemed better when I didn’t know my dx. Is it better to know it or not?
  7. What is the current model for treating DID and do you believe it works? What do you think is the way through your DID? What are your life goals?

June 2012

Comment on or off any topics listed below for the June meeting:

  1. Losing time: feelings about it, what to do
  2. Therapist vacations
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Fear and recovery
  5. Relationships: how to have them, what they should look like, what’s realistic?
  6. Working to maintain a consistent exterior in order to relate to the world
  7. Wanting time in the body. Not wanting shifting to happen.
  8. My body locks up and I can’t move. Does that happen to you? How do you get out of it?