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  1. Jigsaw Analogy

    i missed the meeting where this came up because i was home with family during a family crisis. and one of the things that became really clear over my time there was… wow. if i *was* making stuff up, then a bunch of my siblings were making up the same stuff, even though we never talked to each other about it.

    so it is a lot easier to believe the stuff that has come up over the years, because there was some external validation that other people remembered the same things.

    it also helped to go back to my family and look at them objectively… sort of seeing all of the different aspects, good and bad, and coping with that. but the main thing was that it was pretty clear to me over the weeks with them that the things different parts remember are the most likely case–both those with “good” memories and those with “bad” memories. because things were very mixed up that way.

  2. we

    its funny, sometimes when i have been only myself for a long time, i would start to thing that somehow i made it all up. that it couldnt possibly be real. then i remember the bad times. getting thrown out of the army, (my first switch ever), then those first few years of constant switching and the ensuing confusion about what was going on. my police escort to the psych ward and my brief stay there. (i didnt stay long, my alters learned to pretend to be me, and the doctors didnt know the difference). thats how i knew it was real. its been over 20 years now, and its such a part of who i am, i cant imagine being single.

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