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  1. Jigsaw Analogy

    for me, i think a lot of it is just about being able to roll with whatever comes in life. we recently had a death in the family, and i went back home to be with my family; part of this meant the grieving process for the family member, which has been hard, but it also meant being back with family full-time, for the first time in nearly 20 years.

    but i guess i’m doing pretty well, because even though i’ve felt exhausted and sad, it just hasn’t been the depth of despair or panic that i would have felt in the past. heck, it’s not even the level of despair or panic that have come from fairly minor things.

    i’m not saying it isn’t hard, because it *is*, but i recognize that these feelings are temporary, and that the best course is to feel them, and then they will be less intense. so even though i’m exhausted and sad and all of that, it just… it’s just feelings, i guess.

    so i suppose that for me, doing well is being able to cope with things when necessary, and also knowing when to step back and let myself *not* cope with things (now that i’m back home, i’m spending a bit of time just hibernating, because i know that i need that).

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