February 2012

Talk about any of our past topics, or anything else:

  1. Long term effects of trauma
  2. How do u feel about snow?
  3. Is it an alter or my own feelings? How do I know the difference?
  4. Grief and mourning
  5. What are appropriate relationship expectations?
  6. Responding to other peoples’ reactions to me/us

1 thought on “February 2012

  1. JigsawAnalogy

    i’ve been missing coming to group, but it’s too early in the morning for me to manage a lot lately. at least i can post here, i guess.

    on topic 3… what’s worked best for my system is to accept that a feeling one of us has *is* “my” feeling. the more that parts of the system are committed to owning what’s going on for the others, the better we work together. it doesn’t mean we all think the same way of course!! but if one part is sad or happy or angry, we all need to pay attention to that feeling.

    we used to have a big problem where adult parts thought when a younger part felt upset about something, it wasn’t as big a deal as if the grown ups were upset about something, and they thought parts should just bottle things up and save it for in therapy or something, instead of we should all find a way to make that thing be different or less upsetting. for us it is lots better to under stand that all the parts have a good head on their shoulders, and they get to have a say and if some thing is up setting, then we do something. of course you cant always do something and that is frustrating because how we managed to not get so depressed was to find a way to change the things that made some one up set, and when there is nothing we can find to do then we feel bad and cant make that go away. except then we remind our self that the feeling is just temporary and then we handle it a little better.

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