April 2012

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  1. Needing space for shifting due to overdoing containment
  2. Amnesia
  3. When it seems my alters have disappeared. Or when it gets really quiet. Or noisy!
  4. Is integration a choice?
  5. Overcompensation as a parent, due to our past

2 thoughts on “April 2012

  1. JigsawAnalogy

    Is integration a choice? It’s probably an option, depending on how you define it.

    For me, there was definitely a choice to integrate in the way that works for me, which is to say to make a commitment to a system where all of the parts have equal rights to participate in their own ways, to have their needs met, and to have a voice in how our life is run. It was thinking about things like segregation, and how “separate but equal” didn’t work. But that didn’t mean that different parts can’t continue to be themselves–ending segregation in the US didn’t mean that people of different races all had to act the same and have the same goals. It meant they have equal rights, and free choices within the society.

    I suppose for me, integration meant realizing I couldn’t have any second class citizens in my system. Just because one part seemed to be in charge, it doesn’t mean they had more rights than the other parts.

  2. chariots

    I still think of “integration” meaning that there is only one person. No more alters. I am not feeling like it’s something I can choose. It seems to be something that just happens along the way on it’s own. At least it’s happened that way so far. More like it’s a by-product of healing instead of a staged event that can be forced.

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