Others Relating to Your Parts/DID

How do others relate to your parts?  Or, how do others relate to your DID (or the fact that you have DID)?  Or, how do your parts relate to others?

2 thoughts on “Others Relating to Your Parts/DID

  1. chariots

    I am extremely amazed and thankful when I consider what I have now. I have people in my life who know my aliens very well – AND seem to love them very much. My aliens have gotten (and get) to interact with adults and some kids. Amazingly, these outsiders have embraced them – and seem to have no problem interacting with them as they are. Meaning, they talk to my 4 year old in ways that…… well, like how you would interact with a 4 year old! When I consider – I am blown away – and terribly humbled, that outsiders can and do, actually love me and them, like this. I would have never guessed that this mess…. could be love-able.

  2. Jigsaw Analogy--ellis

    i have that as well. it varies from person to person, but the best is people who understand completely that when they are dealing with one of the younger parts, it is someone who is developmentally that age, and the worst that has happened with the people who know the various parts is they just don’t happen to be good with kids–inside or out–and relate a little awkwardly.

    with several friends, the first response after i told them i was multiple was that the next time they saw me, they had some little present for the little kids. it was sweet, and i treasure the presents, simply because they were given as a way of acknowledging that there are little kids inside of me (well, ok, the fancy decorated cookies wound up getting thrown away eight months after they were given, because the kids accepted that cookies are to be eaten rather than saved….)

    it is true that i only tell people i trust that i’m multiple, and the people i can manage to trust are pretty stellar people.

    then again, my (birth) family also tends to give me toys or games as presents, and to pay attention to the things the younger ones want, even though they don’t know about the younger ones. my family may have their issues, but they are pretty accepting of people who don’t fit into the “normal” mold. the funniest thing was several conversations i had with family members, where they were saying how weird they thought it was that my older sister collects toys. i said, “but *I* collect toys too!” and the response? “but YOU **PLAY** with the toys. **THAT** isn’t weird!”

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