3 thoughts on “Lonliness

  1. Jigsaw Analogy--Teller and otehr ones

    We have a idea!!! We will plan a movie to go to it will be a kid movie there are good kid movies to see. then we will maek a skedul and pepul can come to the movie but we will not put the skedul here we will put it in a diffrent plaes liek the forem.

    We get super lonly caues we only have about three or four frinds and not one singel frind who is little tho we have met about one or 2 pepul who are littel but they are not frinds yet caues we hardly see them at all ever. but maby if we culd go to movies or some activity then we wuld be frinds.

  2. Jigsaw Analogy--Teller and otehr ones

    Are you super busy now? maby you culd pick a movie to see if you are not to busy. i made a POLL on the soshel forem so pepul can choos what movies they wanna see it is the movies till januery or febuery. then we can go together if soemone wants to see the same movie!!!

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