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  1. chariots

    we are female and have a male alter, or more? well the one is a teenage male and is the removed silent type. grumpy and loner-ish. but likes a few things that are stereotypically male. it hasn’t been a real big problem to be a male in a female body – except that he hates it when he’s out and we’re wearing pink or something. he usually does what he can to minimize the femaleness – puts on a hat, changes clothes, takes off the jewelry, etc.

    as for telling others that we have a male – I guess it hasn’t caused us alot of problems. mostly because we don’t really tell others anything about any alters! and the people who do know, don’t seem to have any problems with it. even her husband seems alright with it.

    one thing though that we can imagine – is that it is probably a lot harder to be a female in a male body, and get away with it. no one really notices a woman wearing a ball cap and guy type clothing. but a guy dressing feminine would probably get alot of heat for it and it wouldn’t go quite so unnoticed. i guess it all depends on how the female presents though too.

    bottom line, we don’t tell anyone about our “alters” unless we know they can handle it, or if they have seen it for themselves and they seem open to wanting to know what we really are.

  2. Jigsaw Analogy--various littles mostly

    We’ve got a boy part, but we don’t exactly know why he is a boy and not a girl. He likes some boy things but his favorite thing is something like cooking and he is very calm and friendly and stuff. He does not mind to wear a dress as much as lots of the parts who are girls mind a dress! He says if someone inside wants to wear a dress, then they should get a turn. He is not too interested about clothes maybe.

    We do not usually talk about how he is a boy but we know. I guess it does not matter if he is a boy, he is just who he is. He is not to worryed about it either. He is only 7 years old so I guess it is not too different to be a boy or a girl if you are 7. He just is a boy, that’s all.

    The big ones found out he was a boy ’cause someone inside was teasing him a little for liking cooking so much, ’cause cooking is a girl thing. He does not care, he says cooking is a boy thing, too. He is also very gentel and nice with pepel. He will taek care of soemone if they need help. He does not mind if that is not usuelly a boy thing. He is a boy no matter how he acts just liek williem with his doll in free to be you and me. What you do does not make you a boy or a girl, it is just about the shape of yor body.

    Teller’s body is boy shape inside i gess even tho he is in a girl body he his a boy in his own body. Just like a lot of us are littel ecksept we live in a gron up body!!

  3. glenn

    i have two girls that i am aware of. one is a lesbian and we are most often co-conscious. its not realy a problem. my other girl, though, is straight. so when she is out with me, it can get wierd.

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