January 2011

Respond to the meeting topics below, or make any other comments you’d like to make.

1) Change

2) Dealing with old triggers

3) How were the holidays?

4) Is getting peace of mind possible?

5) Quitting therapy

6) Being healed

7) Different things that different parts enjoy and how that affects the whole

4 thoughts on “January 2011

  1. chariots

    7) Different things that different parts enjoy and how that affects the whole

    Seems like we have had several different agendas lately. It’s been a management project to figure out how to get everyone what they are wanting. There are only so many hours in the day. But we do have the rest of our life so I suppose everyone will get what they want in time. Younger ones have a harder time with that idea though.

  2. dustinthewind

    How can I give parts that need a really physical outlet space to be out when my body can’t handle it?
    It really sucks that we can’t do the things we liked to do most anymore. I feel like I already hit “old age.”

  3. chariots

    dustinthewind – that sounds frustrating! The whole physical body thing is frustrating for me at times too, due to the effects of the damage I’ve done to it, and to the fact that several alters want it for different things at the same time and it just doesn’t work! I think it’s been hard for me to accept some of my physical limitations, or that we have to be limited at all. At the same time I’m thankful that I’m not as limited as many people I know and can still mostly do lots of things with it.

    Looking forward to being mostly a spiritual being some day that no longer is subject to so many physical constraints and pain and decay, and abuse. …. that is my belief and it gives me hope and I’m glad I have that hope even if other people think it’s weak or stupid.

  4. jigsaw analogy

    I have a hard time with not being able to have a physical outlet, too. Lots of us are really active… actually, I think that all of us like to be active, one way or another, and it’s infuriating to have to be stuck resting, when pretty much no one enjoys doing that.

    We can get a little relief from being active in our inner spaces, but it’s nothing like the same, and we all pretty much want to be able to be active in our body.

    It also makes it a lot harder to make decisions about how to allocate time in the body, because there is so little energy available, and most parts don’t want to be the ones stuck with the boring resting part of things. Heck, even the ones who like to read don’t want to *only* do that.

    doctors (but, let me point out, not therapists or psychiatrists, who are the ones who would know) have tried to say the fatigue is the result of depression, but for me it works the other way ’round. for the first day or two, i can find ways to not be depressed when i can’t do anything i really want to do. but after a week or so, it’s hard to come up with emotionally resilient solutions, and i start to feel depressed, because my body needs to be up and moving, and i can’t do that.

    like today, it’s really beautiful out! i want to go for a long walk, or just be up and moving around, but even walking a couple of blocks has meant i had to come home and lay down. and it’s not warm enough to lay down outside (not to mention that the yard is still all full of snow!) so i’m stuck inside on a day when i want to be up and out. how the heck would that NOT be depressing?!

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