February 2011 Topics

1) Conflicts between alters, including alters being angry at each other
2) What if one alter is alcoholic but the rest aren’t? … does that mean having a drink is wrong if you’re not the alcoholic alter?
3) Can you control your shifting? If so – how?
4) Relationships with family
5) Fear of the unknown (future)
6) Acceptance of my reality and what it really means for me
7) It’s frustrating to drop back into child alters/child-like functioning when I’m triggered
8.) Physical health
9) Guilt – for getting what you want

1 thought on “February 2011 Topics

  1. jigsaw analogy

    we can’t *exactly* control shifting, but when parts are cooperating, we can manage to have a part available who can deal with particular situations. it’s not exactly control, but maybe it works kind of like that.

    for us, the closest we come to control is not trying to control at all. when we’re moving between parts easily, it means that parts move in and out as they need to. it took a lot of work on learning to trust each other, and learning to allow other parts to handle something. like, if cleo (one of the adults) thought something should be done one way, and petra (a teenager) thought it should be done differently, and they learned to trust that the other one could handle it even if it was handled differently than they expected, and we learned that things were okay….

    for the past year or so, we’ve been having a much easier time with that, actually. it’s like we finally got to a point where we could trust each other inside, and allow whoever was out to handle things in the way they thought was best. and we’ve gotten more unified in what we want done, or something like that. it’s easier to give other parts a turn, and it feels like we’re looking out for each other better, and so we have more of a sense of what’s important to each part, and we’ve been doing a pretty good job of making sure that each part is getting the things that are most important for that part.

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