January 2013

Topics to discuss from the January meeting:

  1. Violence among parts
  2. What do you want? Re: dissociation issues or life?
  3. Separating emotions from the reality/story/experience
  4. Child parts out in inappropriate places
  5. Spiritual revelations
  6. Adapting to physical body changes (like weight gain, illness, health, etc)
  7. Conflicting memories

6 thoughts on “January 2013

  1. Art (Hyde's Jekyll)

    So I’ve some how found myself in an interesting predicament….
    out of the possible 1% world population with DID, it would turn out I met an unaware multiple on an online dating site. Had some theories of her being multiple for a while and then things started to get bit more noticeable and more often till we come to the beginning of my week where I’m having a rather interesting conversation with an 8yr old named Nessa… Since then, my gf’s head has been continuously noisy and just got Nessa to agree to not playing late at night so not to mess up with the mains schooling.

    I myself do not have any Littles so I haven’t really a clue how to help her. Any advice would be fantastic!
    and as far as getting her properly documented/diagnosed.. Well she currently doesn’t have insurance and I’m currently having trouble finding one that’ll let us pay out of pocket for a few sessions.. Any help there would also be appreciated!

  2. michelle

    With the little guys it can help us anyway, to make deals with them. If they allow the adult or whoever to do what they need to do, then we’ll go do something fun for the little guys later. Other thing is to have them go somewhere inside, like to a playroom or place that’s comforting or fun and be there for a while, while someone else does the responsible outside world thing. Definitely found that ignoring the younger ones doesn’t work at all though. Only wounds them more probably too. So finding compromises and talking and trying to work together for the sake of the best of the whole, has helped us.

    On the other – Searches in the isst-d database can help locate a therapist. Link is on this site: http://www.isst-d.org/

  3. Haze ( Jekyll's Hyde)

    Much obliged on both counts. Have already arranged it so the little gal only pops out on weekend nights and Tuesdays when she doesn’t have classes. Perks of having had once been a camp counselor for that particular age group. An of course it’s the 8yr old that’s aware of the rest of the others (granted, the Mains aware of the switching just not who else is home)..

    Now an 18yr old version of her has joined the party but is unaware of the others as well as the past four years… Thus not knowing who we are… Gaining this ones trust is going to take a while…

  4. me

    Very lonely and ashamed. Don’t really want to live anymore, just can’t take the lonliness any longer.

    Can’t take the constant changes in behavior, outlook, mood, levels of sensitivity that affect how triggery we are, the having to hide from outside people, the fear and terror about the future, not having a family or a partner or outside children of our own.

    Want to work but struggle desperately with insomnia. Lack of sleep causes pretty much inability to function so always prioritise getting enough. But this means a 12pm, 1pm or 2pm start to the day. Frightened, unsettled and on centuary duty if gone to bed before 1 or 2 am. Takes ages to get to sleep and wake up often in the night. So no working for me.

    If working day was between 10pm – 6am l could work. We sleep better in the daytime, not so frightened and unsettled. Not on centuary duty.

    Bye me

  5. me

    Ummm…we wanted to say something about violence but then couldn’t as worried you tell us to go away cause we write somefing that upsets others. Hope you don’t mind what l did write about in the other post.

  6. michelle

    Hey “me” – we’ve been there in our own ways. No sense of family, no partner, no kids – what’s the point of living and why do we even have to? Definitely felt those things too and been at the bottom. Hey maybe a night job IS a good idea for you! Sounds like you know it could work. And working can bring hope for change. work has definitely been therapy for us. Gives a sense of belonging and we feel productive and that we contribute and matter. So thankful for work really. And for us God brings hope. My therapist reminded me many times too that just cuz things are this way now, doesn’t mean they will be forever – and that things do change. I didn’t believe him. I just wanted to die and be done with this pain. But after God basically kept me alive – he was right – and things really are changing. .. and I would have missed it. So thankful. Amazed. I didn’t think anything could change.

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