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  1. Jigsaw Analogy

    I haven’t made it to a meeting in a really long time. I have been thinking a lot lately about the role of being multiple in my life. Most of the friends I had a few years ago know that I’m multiple, but I haven’t officially come out to many people since we moved to where we live now. It isn’t that I think it would be a problem, especially now that they know me well. Really, it’s mostly that things have been stable inside, and multiplicity has kind of been on the back burner for me. Well, not even exactly that, it just feels like being left handed: something that is there all the time, but is just a normal part of who I am.

    I kind of wish there were a way to be out without having to come out. The people I’ve told, it was part of a conversation and it came up naturally. And it wasn’t an issue.

    Looking back a few years, I feel ambivalent about not being more involved in being multiple. Not so much for me now, as for me then, and for other people in the middle of dealing with all of it. I remember feeling discouraged because it felt like everyone I saw who was multiple was having such a hard time, and there didn’t seem to be anyone leading the kind of life I hoped for. And now here I am, leading a pretty good life, and I’m too busy to have time for blogging or being active in a forum, or going to meetings. And I’m not very out where I live…. Well, except for the house full of toys, and watching kids movies and stuff like that, which no one seems to connect with me being multiple.

    I don’t mean this for bragging, but maybe just to give people hope that things can get a lot better.

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