1 thought on “Gender Issues

  1. chariots

    I know when I was younger, in my teens, I didn’t really want to develop boobs or hips. It seemed kind of gross to me. I didn’t want to look like a woman. I mostly wore sports bras to flatten me out even more (I’m not big anyway). Maybe I was happy being a little androgenous (is that the word?). ……. idk – but I know I didn’t want to emphasize that I was female.

    I also didn’t like dolls or all the socializing that a lot of girls seemed to care about. I was happier as a tomboy.

    I currently have a 13 year old boy….. tho’ maybe he’s older by now? He likes to wear a ball cap and certainly doesn’t like pink. I’ve heard him saying “uck! why did she wear this today?? (and it’s something pink and girl like)”

    Overall though – it seems like my ‘aliens’ get it that they’re in my body – that is a certain age and gender. And I think some of them have come to like the fact that they are ‘hidden’ so to speak, behind me. They can be totally ‘out’ and not be seen – if we don’t talk anyway! ……so it’s not all bad…..

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