1 thought on “Healthy Choices

  1. Jigsaw Analogy--someone

    there are parts that want to quit smoking. they are doing this because they want to be all perfect and not do anything that is bad or wrong at all ever and smoking is bad and wrong and hurting myself. they are trying to control everything all the time and they won about eating and cutting and hurting myself or making trouble with people. they won about all of that so now they are onto smoking because that is the only thing i do anymore that isnt ok.

    they will probably win about this too because they will just keep pushing until i give in. it isnt fair smoking is what i do to feel in control and stuff and they are trying to take that away and they dont have anything better to offer. they have stupid things like blowing bubbles or playing a game but those arent things that will make me feel in control. they are all about oh you need to take care of yourself or use good skills. maybe i dont want to use skills maybe i want to do the wrong thing some of the time. its not like i am going out and shoplifting or doing graffiti or picking fights with people or anything stupid. i am just smoking. i guess it hurts my body but it doesnt hurt my body as much as lots of things would.

    probably i should just give in because no one is going to listen to me anyways. they are going to go ahead and do what they want just like they always do. they will say it is for the best for all of us they are just trying to do the right thing. they dont care about all of us they just care about being perfect and they are erasing everything that isnt perfect and then as soon as they erase the behaviors they dont like then they will try to erase the parts they dont like so they can go around being all perfect and healed.

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