3 thoughts on “The DID Closet

  1. Jigsaw Analogy--ellis

    i do tell other people about it. it’s not that i tell everyone all the time, but i’ve worked from the beginning on not hiding it any more than i have to. i have found with lots of things–being a lesbian, being a survivor, being pretty much anything–that if i can be open about it, i’m better able to make connections with people. and i find that if i make connections with people, i’m much healthier.

    i don’t always make a big deal out of it–i mostly don’t, actually. i just behave as though normal for me includes switching and having different parts. a lot of my friends and i don’t talk about it much, but they know i’m multiple, and it’s just part of who i am.

  2. Lava Lamp

    We’ve got serious betrayal issues from trusting the wrong uminz when we were younger. Now our Army of guard, shield and protective personoflages scrutinize any uminz who approach us intently and intensely. It took us twenty years to finally find a therapist who can actually work through our defensives! One thing for sure, you don’t want to get on our guard personnae’s bad sides!

  3. glenn

    i find that you HAVE to trust others. even if it means taking a risk. it was only by reaching out, that i was able to reach in.

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