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March 2013: Dimensions, Hospitals, Forgiveness

Topics for the March Meeting. Comments welcome!

  1. Natural disasters on the inside
  2. Healing: What does that look like?
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Support people
  5. Birthdays for parts: Do you have them?
  6. Treatment issues: access, funding, best usage
  7. Triggers
  8. Adding more alters
  9. Dimensions: Living in or seeing 2+ dimensions at once, like 2-3 places or states at once (the present, a past place, and our internal world)
  10. Hospitalization
  11. The DID Conference in Florida

Experts vs Experience

In finding therapists or help, what are you thoughts on people who claim to be experts – and even have the credentials saying they are experts, vs. those who have direct experience working with DID?  Obviously people could be both – but feel free to talk about anything related to “experts” of DID.