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September 2012

This months topics to discuss!

  1. Kids – parenting both internal and external kids, the desire/ability to have external kids or not
  2. Conflict resolution between alters
  3. How to relax without dissociating
  4. The experience of shifting: paralysis inbetween, the difficulty of coming back to the surface after sessions or after shifting, the need to have space and time to come back
  5. Planning for the possibility of shifting in various circumstances

August 2012

Comment on any topic!

  1. Food
  2. Coming out of the closet with DID
  3. Anger
  4. When someone else tries to manipulate your system by pitting alters against each other
  5. When your parts get insulted
  6. Life seemed better when I didn’t know my dx. Is it better to know it or not?
  7. What is the current model for treating DID and do you believe it works? What do you think is the way through your DID? What are your life goals?

May 2012

Reply to any topics below, or anything else you want to say:

  1. What people say vs what they do
  2. Feelings about Mothers Day
  3. When doctors don’t take your physical health seriously because of your mental health diagnosis
  4. Therapy issues: wanna quit, losing time, do I need it?, what do I really need to work on?, sometimes seems like a waste of time, etc.
  5. Stability
  6. Control over switching
  7. Dr Phil show on DID
  8. Determining what I will and won’t deal with or live with

Experts vs Experience

In finding therapists or help, what are you thoughts on people who claim to be experts – and even have the credentials saying they are experts, vs. those who have direct experience working with DID?  Obviously people could be both – but feel free to talk about anything related to “experts” of DID.